Connecting our Community

As we start 2021, I have some good news to share (yes, really). At Llanrhian Community Council, funded by the enhancing Pembrokeshire grant, we’ve appointed a community link officer to start work on the ‘Connected Community’ project.

This role was advertised last year as a part-time one-year post, and following an interview process, Nia Jenkins has been appointed. Working alongside myself and Llanrhian Community Council, and only the second such community informed appointment in Pembrokeshire, this is quite something.

There are already an incredible amount of community leaders and groups working across our area, so to be able to bolster and support this work, and see if we can, to quote Aristotle, make ‘the whole greater than the sum of our parts’, is something that I hope many people will get behind and support.

So, as a starting point, here’s a snippet of the planned activities:

  • Connecting with local community groups to find out about the members, ongoing projects, activities & concerns;
  • Research into and creation of a Llanrhian Connected Community website as a digital notice board for community-led content and information;
  • A “Spotlight on community groups” and “Community Directory” initiative that can be communicated across the area, shared on the community website, and hopefully encourage more people to get involved;
  • Collating a Community Calendar of events, activities, meetings, and important dates.

This is just the starting point. When it is safe to meet in person again, we will be able to use Ysgol Croesgoch as a hub (if other venues aren’t appropriate) and get some of the new community initiatives going (such as business mentoring etc).

Nia says: This has not been an easy time for our community, but while the current lockdown restricts our communal activities, it also affords us time to reflect on how we would like to engage with one another in the future. In my new role, I’m looking forward to speaking to our community groups to help support the fantastic existing initiatives that people give so much of their time to. I’m also eager to hear your ideas about new projects that we can develop together and help to build on our strong community spirit.

Our new Community Link Officer, Nia Jenkins.

This is an experimental 12 month project, it’s been informed by community consultation, and it’s there to support what we already have. To provide a level of governance and assurance, there will also be regular reporting to Llanrhian Community Council.

So, if you’d like to get involved, or have some ideas, please do get in touch with either myself or Nia. You can email Nia at or contact me at

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