I hope you enjoy reading some of my blogs which include regular updates on my work across the Llanrhian community and some of my other work in the Council. I’m also an author for the Local Government Association’s First Magazine, and you can read these columns here.

Community Link Officer

Llanrhian Connected Community – Community Link Officer Job Description Funded through Pembrokeshire County Council’s ‘Enhancing Pembrokeshire’ Grant, and supported by Llanrhian Community Council, the Llanrhian Connected Community project has been awarded £11,536 of funding to facilitate the establishment of a community hub utilising Ysgol Croesgoch’s School hall, the appointment of a Community Link Officer for … Continue reading “Community Link Officer”

Learning through crisis

Amongst all the bad news, the tragedy and statistics that Coronavirus has brought, for those of us in public services, we keep hearing that ‘this is an opportunity to change’ and ‘we can’t go back’. As a progressive Councillor, I can’t stand back and watch rapid the adaptation of the business of local government without … Continue reading “Learning through crisis”

A year as a County Councillor: surviving and thriving in elected life.

I originally wrote this blog in 2018, after just over a year as a County Councillor. The original version can be found on my LinkedIn page here. You’ve done the hard work, knocking on doors, posting leaflets, and explaining to anyone who’ll listen why they should vote for you; you’ve had the bizarre experience of … Continue reading “A year as a County Councillor: surviving and thriving in elected life.”

Community Consultation

At Llanrhian Community Council, we’ve been thinking about what to do with the playpark and pavilion in Trefin. You might not even know it’s there, but some years ago the field was transformed into a multi-sports court, a pavilion, a playpark, a small astro-turf area and an open community space. If you know it, you’ll … Continue reading “Community Consultation”

Newsletter: December 2019

In this brief update on what’s been going on across our area recently I’ll touch upon: Abereiddi Highways (Square & Compass and Croesgoch) Transport (Castlemorris) The ‘Connected Community’ project Waste changes Broadband survey Climate change working group And a general round up… Abereiddi has been an ongoing issues for some time, and the intensification of … Continue reading “Newsletter: December 2019”

A Connected Community

On December 12th, a ‘Hub in the Pub’ meeting was held at The Artramont, Croesgoch, organised with local residents to discuss with people who either take a lead in working on behalf of the community, or have ideas on how we can make our place better. The summary that follows explains more: What is the … Continue reading “A Connected Community”