Local Elections May 2022

Jack at Croesgoch Polling Station – #DogsAtPollingStations

On 5th May 2022, local elections take place across Wales meaning that you will have the opportunity to vote for County Councillors and Town & Community Councillors to represent you for the next 5 years. It’s been a privilege to have been elected as County Councillor to represent the Llanrhian ward in 2017, and I hope that I’ve been a proactive, hard-working, approachable and effective Councillor in that time. There’s still much to do, and so I’m standing as an Independent candidate to be re-elected to represent the expanded area which now includes the Pencaer community, stretching up to Strumble Head and taking in St Nicholas and Llanwnda.

Map showing the expanded Llanrhian Ward for the 2022 local elections

Over the coming weeks I’ll be looking to get out and about to connect with more people and places, and I’ve also prepared my election leaflet in both English and Welsh which you can download below. I hope that you’ll be able to support me.

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